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Choosing a new place to call home can be a difficult and emotional time for both future residents and their families.

“Our aim is to ease your burden and help you make the right choice”

Suzie Nesbitt, our Resident Services Manager, has years of experience in the industry. So whether you are considering moving into Grand Cedar or just looking at the options available, she is available to talk you through the process.

Our aim is to make the admission process as easy and simple as possible. Suzie will walk you through Grand Cedar and help you determine if it’s the best place to call home.

If you choose Grand Cedar, we make it a priority to learn everything about you – what activities you enjoy, who your family are and, most importantly, what you love to eat.

You’ll be assigned a ‘go-to’ person who will help you familiarise yourself with the home and answer any questions you may have.


Grand Cedar offers three accommodation options:

  • Standard Room
  • Deluxe Room
  • Suite

Accommodation options for living at Grand Cedar as a permanent resident are government regulated. This ensures a fee structure that is aligned with other residences offering similar services as ours.


The Basic Daily fee is a legislated fee and payable by all residents. This fee increases in live with the CPI and the Australian Age Pension every six months, and covers all costs such as meals, laundry and electricity.

The maximum Basic Daily Fee is currently $51.63


This is for your accommodation in the aged care facility. Some residents will have their accommodation costs met in full or part by the Commonwealth Government, while others will need to pay the accommodation price agreed with the aged care facility. The Department of Human Services (Centrelink) will advise you which applies to you based on an assessment of your income and assets. The accommodation payment can be made by way of a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) or a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP), or a combination of both. The RAD is a lump sum contribution towards the cost of accommodation. The RAD is refundable to the resident or Estate on departure subject to any deductions such as DAP, Means-Tested Care Fee or any other costs which may be payable. The RAD is guaranteed under the Aged Care Act, 1997 (Commonwealth). The DAP is a payment option for residents who may not want or be able to pay the RAD. The DAP is calculated using the Commonwealth Government’s Maximum Permissible Interest Rate (MPIR). As at 1st April 2020, the MPIR rate was 4.89%. This rate is levied on any unpaid RAD and will be payable for the duration of the stay unless a RAD is provided. The table below shows the Basic Daily Fees, maximum RAD and maximum DAP for each type of room at Grand Cedar.

Room Type Standard Room Standard Room Deluxe Room Suite
1. Accommodation:
Choose one of these payment methods
RAD $350,000 Up to $600,000 Up to $800,000 Up to $1.2 million
DAP1 $66.80 $88.11 $132.16
e.g. 50% RAD
& 50% DAP
& $33.04
& $44.05
& $66.08
2. Basic Daily Care Fee2 $52.71 $52.71 $52.71 $52.71
3. Daily Additional Services
   Package 1 Fee $50.00 +GST $50.00 +GST $50.00 +GST $50.00 +GST
   Package 2 Fee $53.50 +GST $53.50 +GST $53.50 +GST $53.50 +GST
4. Means Tested Care Fee Calculated by Centrelink based on assessment of income and assets
(only applicable if assets and income above threshold)

1 Maximum permissible Interest Rate of 4.02% set by the Government as at 1st January 2021

2 Daily Care Fee as at 20th March 2021 as set by the Government

Supported Residents

Some rooms are available for residents with reduced financial means. Residents may, with approval, obtain funding from the Commonwealth Government. Basic Daily Fees still apply.

Our General Manager Suzie can help walk you through all of these options and the admissions process at Grand Cedar.



Grand Cedar is a premium residential aged care facility in Ashwood. The transition to aged care can be an emotional and challenging time. Our experienced team understand this and are here to help you every step of the way.